At Maddux Law Firm, we strive to represent clients in a way that combines our advocacy with our legal expertise, while keeping the clients as the center of the practice. As a client, you will always be kept informed and updated about the progress of your case. You will be in contact with your attorney, who will guide you through each process and answer all questions. We have flat rate fee rates that do not deter clients from picking up the phone to call their attorneys.

In addition, you can be assured that your case will be handled with great attention and dedication. You have access to an office with knowledgable and reliable support staff and an assigned attorney who will review and remain assigned to your case from the inception to conclusion.

We recognize that certain types of cases require special attention to detail and a deep knowledge of the client and the situation. For our special education clients, we take great pride in getting to know the client and the circumstances early on. We also realize that some clients are dealing with time-sensitive matters that require an attorney’s immediate attention and focus. With a 3-day New Jersey attorney review period, time is of the essence and a responsive attorney is crucial to a deal.

Responsive, Attentive, Reliable, and Knowledgable.