A guide to the 504 Plan

At times, a child may have an impairment that has a substantial impact on their functioning, but still does not qualify for an IEP for special education. A 504 plan is available to children with impairments that do not qualify for special education services. The plan takes into account children who have conditions or disorders … Continue reading A guide to the 504 Plan


IDEA protection and rights.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that provides protection for children with disabilities. The act ensures that children with disabilities are entitled to a Free Appropriate Public Education. The act sets forth a specific process for identifying, evaluating, and accommodating eligible children with disabilities. IDEA holds that schools must evaluate … Continue reading IDEA protection and rights.

Common Issues in the Special Education Process

  There are common issues that arise during certain stages of the Special Education process. The problem can occur as early as the evaluation process, during the IEP process, or during the course of the education process. These conflicts generally occur between parents and the school district/team. Parents who knowledgeably and diligently advocate for their children should be … Continue reading Common Issues in the Special Education Process

Preparing for IEP meeting- going over IEP goals and objectives

Preparation is key. As parents, we are the best advocates for our child’s education. An IEP meeting is generally non-adversarial, and while it may seem intimidating, you should go in there prepared, knowledgeable, and ready to advocate. The meeting may include you as the parent in a room with an entire education team. Your goal … Continue reading Preparing for IEP meeting- going over IEP goals and objectives